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Freedom Biker 

Church Monroe


Join Us Each Sunday at 10:30

Where sinners are welcome and others are tolerated


Welcome to Freedom Biker Church of Monroe!!

Our mission is to:

1.  Gather together to develop a

Brotherhood of Bikers bound


together by faith relationship in


Jesus Christ.

2. Grow as committed followers

(Disciples) who share a passion for


Bikers and the freedom of the

open road; Bikers reaching Bikers

3.  Go out into the world with the


Message of TRUE FREEDOM in


Jesus Christ.


 |  Sunday Service 10:30    |   Wednesday Bible Study/Refuel 7:00 pm   | 

Sunday School 9:15 to 10:00 for children ages 4-11 

Men and Women's Sunday School 9:15 to 10:00 for everyone!    



This is our new church building!!  We will have our first bible study in our new home on Wednesday 12-16-2020.  Our first church service will be on Sunday 12-20-2020.  Many prayers have been prayed over this building and God has blessed us immensely.  We are so excited to see where He will continue to lead us.  Please come visit us!!

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